The train ride was 3ish hours long. I was running a little late and had to power walk to the train station at 5:30 in the morning and I was a little scared. Good news, I made it. Deciding to go to Vienna for a day was sort of last minute. I bought my ticket online a few days before, while I was already in Budapest. The train was nice, no one sat next to me and once we crossed the Austrian border there was free wifi.

I did a total of three things. A palace, a museum, and the Christmas Market. Navigating the metro in Vienna was also easy! Honestly, there’s no way you can’t figure it out. I bought a 24 hour unlimited rides ticket thing.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to….something I will change once I start traveling more because this feeling of regret is sooo heavy. I actually wasn’t allowed to take pictures in the museum (where most of Gustav Klimt’s works are). BUT THEY WERE GORGEOUS OMG I LOVED IT.

The Belvedere Museum

Oh but I actually went to the Palace first. I was able to buy stamps along with the postcards that I bought. This was super cool and more tourist attractions should do this. It was really hard for me to buy stamps in Budapest and making sure that I got the right ones…

Pretty sure this is Schönbrunn Palace…Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a few years.

After both, I walked around outside St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where coincidentally there was also a Christmas Market! I bought hot cider and a bread bowl soup.

That sunset though.
Christmas decorations are super fun! There was a Starbucks nearby and I bought a Vienna mug.

I’m the type of person who takes pictures while on a moving vehicle and sometimes they come out great and other times they don’t.

Probably the only one that came out nice.

The people were a little nicer, more willing to show a smile to a foreigner I think. I passed out on the ride back and power walked back to my Airbnb. I bought a slice of pizza on the way back and I think the lady shorted me my change but oh well.

A rare selfie!

Vienna was fun! It felt more familiar than Budapest for some reason even though it was my first time visiting both cities. Day trips are also great if you didn’t plan your trip well enough like me. However, it is very tiring because you’re hitting up a lot of tourist attractions in one day. I’m the type that wants to feel like a local and walk around and hang out at a park and eat a sandwich.

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