Time for Tea

I love tea. I didn’t always like tea but the more I have, the more I like it. Coffee is okay. (Gasp!).

There is this cute little tea place in Escondido (in North County San Diego) called The Grand Tea Room. The only reason why I know about this place is because I was invited to a bridal shower that was held here.


That was over a year ago and I left with a Passion Fruit Oolong Tea. I haven’t gone back since. I only went back because I ran out of that tea and my sister loved it so we went again for my mom’s birthday and I was able to take some pictures.

The Grand Tea Room is a traditional English tea time experience. You get tea, there’s soups and salads, an array of sandwiches, and pastries. The tea is served hot with a side of milk and sugar cubes. There are a few different options on their menu and we chose to do an Afternoon Tea–The Grand Tea to be exact and it includes everything pictured below any tea you like. There is a two hour limit but that’s plenty of time! Food can be served a la cart as well.

Flowery tea set anyone?
Fruit with whipped cream~
Tomato soup (some days might have more options)
Various sandwiches! Egg salad, chicken salad, and cucumber
Mini Shepherd’s Pie and a Scone
Here’s the fam! They have hats that you can borrow for the duration of your tea!

I definitely recommend trying this place out at least once if you’re ever in North County. The tea selection is amazing and the prices are very reasonable for loose leaf teas.

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