New Daejeon-er!

I’m in my city! I’m also in my apartment but there’s no wifi because I don’t have my alien registration card yet, or a bank account, or a cell phone plan. It’s been a difficult week and it will be another difficult week. But hey, there’s always Starbucks and overpriced drinks!

I went to Expo Bridge because that’s one of the most iconic images when you google Daejeon. I went with a friend, we actually trained together in Seoul and we’ve been doing practically everything together ever since. I figured out how to take the bus and that was an experience. It’s true what they say about the drivers and their driving and how crazy it is. We missed our stopped but enjoyed the walk to get to the bridge so it was all good.

The bridge is, of course, over a river and there’s a bike, walking, and running path which I intend to explore once it’s warmer. The bridge itself leads into an open area that has a smaller oval biking path and in the middle was the ice rink, they were taking it apart when we got there. We explored the arboretum which was mostly brown but I expect it to look gorgeous in the spring.

Here are some pictures!

The arch in the leftish middle of the picture is Expo Bridge!
There it is!
During the summer, there are free things to rent like paddle boats and canoes to use in the river!
I really like the design of this bridge! It’s also lit up at night but I’ve yet to see it.
The Arboretum is huge and this doesn’t even begin to show the different types of trees there.

So! It’s been a crazy week with starting work and it’s actually exhausting but I’m finally here and living and once I have wifi I’ll post more things! We’ve already started planning our first trip out of the city to Jeonju which is known for the historical Hanok Village. I intend to rent a hanbok to wear so I’m very excited!

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