Sun and Rain in Busan

We had a three day weekend and went to Busan! Busan is the second largest city? I think? We traveled there via the “slow” train. It took about three hours but the view was nice.

“Slow” just means there are many stops!

Busan Beach
First stop, the beach!
Busan beach!
It’s my first time seeing skyscrapers next to the beach.

After arriving we immediately went on a small hike, then visited a seaside temple. Then we embarked on finding dinner which turned out to be a little overpriced but it was okay. We spent the rest of the night drinking flavored soju on the beach and shooting fireworks.

Wavy Architecture
Busan is known for the beach so we’ve got some wave inspired architecture.
Waves in Profile
Now from the side!
The hike was so pretty! This is my fave type of nature. Green with rivers.
Clear clear
Lanterns were put up for Buddha’s Birthday but look at how clear that water is!
Those two kids stayed near us the whole time because we were foreigners but it was amusing to hear them talk about us.
The seaside temple was so pretty! The path leading to it was winding but worth it for the views!
Busan Skyline
Our view during dinner!

The next day it rained. The last time I was in rain that strong, I was in the Philippines. Everything was wet but we went and had ramen then decided to just watch a movie (Avengers: Infinity War!). That night we ended up in a bar that we actively avoid in Daejeon because it’s a foreigner bar but there we were.

The last day we walked around a really really really big mall and almost missed our bus home. That was also an adventure. But that seems to be the theme with us, running for buses in the bus terminal.

Busan was fun and I really want to go back!

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