My Apartment (then and now)

So it’s been a while (a year to be exact) and I moved to Seoul at the end of February. I realized that I never posted pictures of my first apartment so I’m combining the old apartment and the new on into one post. I never really got the chance to decorate my old apartment because I was afraid of accumulating too much stuff and when I moved to Seoul, I still had too much stuff. But less words, more pictures!

Facing the entrance. I love the doors here because they are keypads and I don’t need keys, ever.
From the front door, this is the whole apartment.
The kitchen! Not having counter space is normal unless you’re super rich.
This is directly across from the sink in the kitchen. Having a separate shower was nice.
And now from the window!

Seeing these pictures again make me miss my old apartment so much because it’s more than double the size of my new apartment. But I’m getting paid more, and I get out at 4:30, and I think my utility bill will be cheaper…..we’ll see.


And now, my current (tiny) apartment.

From the entrance is the kitchen and there is a door separating it from the bedroom.
An actual gas range! But no microwave…I had to buy one.
This is a wet bathroom and everything gets wet.
My closet is half the size ;-; Behind that door is the boiler and extra storage space.
And the bedroom! It’s small but it’s cozy.

I’ve bought several new things since I’ve moved in and I’m still trying to find storage solutions for all of my things so maybe an updated post later when I feel like I’ve done more to make it look nice.

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