Cherry Blossoms

It’s official. Spring is here and it’s getting warmer and people are starting to show their legs! I decided to venture out a few weeks ago to see the cherry blossoms at Seokchon Lake near Lotte World Tower. It was packed. There were too many people. Good thing I can take pictures while walking.

It’s all about the angles right? 

The Lake itself is two similarly sized ovals connected in the middle. The path to the other side is under a bridge/road. I circled one oval but by the time I started the second oval, I was tired of being completely surrounded by people.

It was this many people the whole time I was walking. 

In the middle of the lake in the other half is the outdoor part of Lotte World, a theme park that I haven’t gone to yet.

You can see the bridge that leads to the small island.

I was glad I went out to see the flowers because they really only bloom for a short period, but at the same time, it’s exhausting being surrounded by so many people.

Pink and light pink flowers everywhere!

If I’m still here in Korea next year (highly likely), I will try to visit more places for the cherry blossoms!

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