I went to Osaka!

So it was Chuseok six weeks ago and I am now coming around to writing about it. But let’s be real, my last post was a while ago. Good news is, I quit my Korean class (also sad news). I said I would self study but I haven’t yet. Now, I have too much free time and not enough money so I will try to write about some adventures.

Chuseok is the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, basically a harvest festival. They make and eat all this food but I only know about songpyeon…maybe I’ll explore that in another post.

The flights to Japan were “cheap” but I think during Chuseok it was the normal price. We decided to go and just walk around and eat and that was literally what we did. We also decided to just stay around Dotonburi because it was just two days and I didn’t want to pack too many things in this trip when we can just go back again.

Takoyaki was a must and I loved it.
Kuchi Katsu
Kuchi Katsu is just fried things. Fried chicken, quail egg, cow tongue, crab, oyster, asparagus…it was delicious.
Green Tea Frap
Of course, a green tea Frappuccino. The green tea stuff from Starbucks here in Korea tastes…different….

I forgot to take pictures of the sushi, the random things we bought from the convenience stores, the random desserts at cafes….it was a lot of food.

We walked so much. Eating all that food was fine because we walked between 13-15 miles per day that we were there.

Love a gray scale photo of a river.
It was hot.
Strike a pose
I had to do it right?
These statues were everywhere on this street! Getting your attention and your appetite.
Ferris wheel
We didn’t ride in this but it was in the middle of buildings!
Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle. Completely remade as none of the original survived. 
Fancy a moat around your home?
Glico Running Man
I think I like him better at night.

So it was two days of walking and eating and I don’t think I ate everything that I needed to eat. Our hostel was really nice and I would totally stay there again if I went back. Also I feel like more people smiled at me while in Osaka than the whole 18 months I’ve lived in Korea, maybe not but it was a record high of smiles from strangers. It was so strange seeing that but it was nice.

Totes forgot, last year I went to Sapporo…I’ll post about it soon!

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