Summer Vacay

Summer in Seoul was dreadful. It was hot and sticky and I was sweating nonstop. This made me not want to leave the haven of my apartment where I had the AC on all day.  But alas, it was summer vacation and I had one week to try to do something. Emphasis on try because leaving my apartment was torture.

I managed to go Incheon for a day. The train ride is a little over an hour and you bet I found all the air vents in the subway stations while waiting for it to come. I had the misfortune of sitting between three older people who had horrible breath and were constantly talking to each other and I moved to different car to escape from them.

Arriving in Incheon, I immediately walked up the hill to China Town. I came to eat food and I came to explore but first, food. IMG_0256Just like the US having americanized Chinese food, Korea has Koreanized Chinese food in the form of jajjangmyeon which is noodles with a black sauce that has vegetables and meat in it. But I came for white jajjangmyeon. The restaurant I walked into didn’t have it but they had white jjampong which is a seafood soup with noodles and completely not spicy just the way I like. It’s not normally white, it’s normally read and ridiculously spicy but the white one was really good. After eating I walked around some more in their ‘art’ village which had a lot of paintings of Disney princesses and characters from the fantasy genre.

It rained a little bit and I headed to Wolmi Island to walk around some more. The island had a small amusement park and a few cafes. I wanted to eat some street food but I was so full from the jjampong that I couldn’t.

This is so cute!
Because it was cloudy and by the sea, the weather was bearable.
It’s all about the angles right?
It was nice being by the ocean for a little bit.


It started raining and I sat in cafe for an hour eating a chocolate cake which was a bad idea because I still needed to try the white jajangmyeon. As soon as the rain stopped, I went back to China Town and found an empty restaurant that had it. It was delicious! I like it just as much as I like the black jajangmyeon. They are two very different flavors and this one was lighter. I couldn’t finish it all due to the cake but I tried.

With just one piece of shrimp. 

After this I went home. Going out and eating all day and walking around in the humidity is exhausting.

During the rest of the vacation, I managed to go to the aquarium but I didn’t take many pictures because I’m terrible and I forget.

I loved this! 
Love a neon sign. This one says “Take my love. -Shark”

I also bought a repurposed disposable camera and have been taking pictures but I haven’t finished the roll. Once I get the pictures developed, I’ll share it here!


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