Seoul Lantern Festival

I’ve been working on remembering and writing about my trip to Hokkaido last summer but it’s proving to be so long that I couldn’t post it last weekend (because I’m not done oops).

I found out about the Seoul Lantern Festival through an account I follow on Twitter and because of the fact that it was free, I decided to go on Friday which was the first day it started. This post will be full of pictures!

I left for Cheonggyecheon right after work and of course, I arrived too early seeing online that it would “start” at 5 pm. The lanterns weren’t lit yet and I overheard a woman ask an employee what time it would start and he said 8 pm.

Imagine my dismay being there too early. IMG_4031I walked around a little bit and knowing how lazy I would be to go back, I found a ‘diner’ and ate dinner. I went back to the stream and found that the lanterns were lit, yay!

The lanterns had lit white displays, explaining what each one was and I appreciated this but it didn’t photograph well. There were four sections to the festival and I honestly can’t name them all…I think I photographed almost all of them save for a few.



I try to keep an eye on the free things happening in Seoul so I hope I can check more things out!

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