I went to Sapporo!

Talk about a jump back in time. I went to Hokkaido a year and some months ago and now that it’s getting colder, I’m coming around to writing about it. Better late than never right??

I was super nervous about going to Japan by myself. Yes, I made the move to Korea on my own and I was nervous too but it had been six months and I had made friends in Korea already. So, I decided to meet a college friend for a couple days in Hokkaido but for some reason I was all nerves. Maybe because everything was going to be in Japanese? And I didn’t remember enough Japanese from college? I feel like this was it and it was so overwhelming that I might have cried on the day that I arrived.

Of course I arrived before I could check in to my hostel so I sat in their living room area for a bit gathering my courage and my wits. I then went out to just walk around and find something to eat. Of course, I hit up the nearest convenience store and got some lunch then found a bench to sit and eat and watch all the people walking by. Convenience store food in Japan is top notch. After eating, I could not find a trash can. Literally. I took the trash back to the hostel with me and asked the host where to put it and she took it from me.

I won’t bore you with the details, especially since I can’t remember everything that happened so here are the pictures!

Of course, I got a window seat. The flight was around 2 hours.
It’s Dorameon!
These flowers are surreal, I think they’re hydrangeas.
The biggest bee I’ve ever seen!
Honestly, I loved seeing this.
Biggest ant I’ve ever seen!
This little man is better at hiking than I am…
Some western architecture, you know I love a column.
This place was neat…can’t remember the name…
The path either leads to a hiking trail or a zoo.
Fox guardian with a little bow!
I didn’t know I was hiking that day and wore my Vans but hey, we made it up.
Of course, I ate ramen.
Sapporo had a lot of more western style buildings and it was surprising to me but if you want to see the real Japan, don’t go to Sapporo.
If I ever own a house, I want it to covered in vines like this.
Driving on the other side of the road stressed me out so much.


Totoro is super cute I love him.
I think this river is more famous in the winter but it was still nice in the summer too.
Internally freaking out, can you see it??


Salmon+Avo+Rice=Super Happy Vera
I don’t like lavender but I went to a lavender field.
And ate lavender ice cream.
Can’t deny that the flowers are beautiful.
Look at those rows!
The Blue Lake was gorgeous! And eerie!
And made a great reflection on my sunglasses!
Yes to omurice.
Yes to McDonalds.
YES to Peach Fanta this is my favorite Fanta.
Yes to deep fried mashed potatoes (croquette).
Yes to this melon jelly drink.
I always try to send postcards when I travel, I even send one to myself.


As close as Japan is and as easy as it is to travel there, I need to see the rest of South East Asia! So, right now I’m in the very early stages of planning a trip to Vietnam for next summer. I’m just looking to relax by the beach for a few days and eat lots of food, not so much sightseeing just a eat and chill kind of vacation.

Sadly, I dropped my very old point and shoot camera and my iPhone camera is terrible so I’ll be posting about things that I did a while ago…like my trip to Cebu!

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