I went to Cebu!

For our winter holiday this year (in February), we went to Cebu! Cebu is an island in Visayas which is a group of islands south of Luzon which is the main island of the Philippines. While I am fluent in ‘Filipino’ (Tagalog), they speak a different dialect here in Visayas but they know English or tried to talk to me in Tagalog. Anyway, getting off topic here.

We flew into Manila first for two days, met my sister, ate at Jollibee, ate at a buffet, walked around one of the biggest malls in the world and then flew to Cebu.

Bye Korea! Hello Manila!
Bye Manila! Off to Cebu!

We had booked a tour package that included daily activities and the hotel. All we had to do was find our meals which wasn’t hard at all. Our tour guide wasn’t very talkative and just dropped us off at each location. We had time to look around and take pictures then we would leave and go to a different spot.

Of course we go to a Buddhist Temple first.
A dragon taking a picture of dragons
Obligatory pic

We went to what was once a prison? Now it’s a museum? We had an actual tour guide who did the tour in English and of course all of my history classes as an elementary student in the Philippines came rushing back.

Suddenly I was remembering all of my history classes
It’s been ages since I played this game
Historic house with Spanish influence
Inside is the OG cross that Magellan brought from Spain
Now this church, I wonder what it’s like during the fiesta
Got semi lucky with a stranger taking our picture
Super lucky to have a friend taking my picture
Donate money, light a candle, say a prayer
The patron Saint of Cebu
This blue sky is my favorite
Aren’t Capiz shells pretty?

Our tour included swimming with whale sharks though now looking back on it, it’s definitely not something I would recommend as the locals bait the whale sharks and swim in circles while feeding them so that tourists can come and “swim” with them. Of course this is a terrible practice and I regret it but also I’ve never felt so small while a whale shark swam past me, like I was in awe the whole time.

On our way to see the whale sharks

After the whale sharks we went “Canyoneering” which is like hiking+swimming+jumping off of cliffs. Was this completely safe? ….Maybe not 100% but my friend enjoyed it much more than I did. Every time I had to jump off a cliff, all I could see was me not jumping out far enough and hitting my head and dying. I couldn’t ignore my survival instincts and only jumped a few of them. My friend, the thrill seeker jumped off of all them, even the 30 foot cliff which I immediately said no to and made my way down to where the water fall pools.

Obligatory waterfall picture
Our guide was a bomb photographer though how cute are we
We are swimming under the waterfall in this pic
Smiling but internally dying
Really not in my comfort zone at all
I don’t think about how strong water is until I’m sitting under rushing water
Like super out of my comfort zone
But how pretty is this!
Aw look at us~~
Finally at the end, I was so relieved
Honestly, it’s surreal now that I look back on these pictures

Of course, we had to eat lechon which is roasted pig. It’s different from how the Hawaiians do it as they do it underground? Ours is on a spit above ground and that’s how the skin gets so crispy and chewy. We dip it in a a few different sauces! We ordered rice at this restaurant and it came in the smallest rice container it was like a teacup! We had to order more!

Cebu is known for the roast pig and it was delicious

The next day, we went boating and visited a couple islands. It was just us two on this boat that could’ve held at least 10 people. I’m not going to go into detail about how we probably got scammed into buying some seafood from a guy on a motorized canoe….this is why I can’t travel alone in the Philippines. BUT, nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves,

Just two girls on a boat
Would go back in a heartbeat though
I’ll always be an island girl

The next day we took a ferry to visit another island, Bohol. I’ve always wanted to go to Bohol even while living in the Philippines. The Chocolate Hills have always intrigued me and even though I read the wiki page on them, I still want to believe that it’s a mystery. We visited a…questionable zoo, no it was a terrible zoo and I wanted to free all the animals and then had a buffet lunch on a boat which was actually very relaxing, then climbed up one of the Chocolate Hills to take some pictures.

I ❤ Bohol!
How do you feel about caterpillars?
Albino pythons??
Had lunch on a boat sailing through a river in a jungle
Gotta have a pic in the middle of a man made forest
The Chocolate Hills are not so chocolate-y

By the end of the trip, I was ready to go home and I won’t go into detail about our plane tickets because we messed up real bad however, we made it back to Korea in time to go back to work. Of course, we had to hit up McDonalds before leaving. They have “Barkada” Fries which is basically two (maybe three) large fries in one container? Barkada means group of friends, like your clique or crew. Yes we ate it all!

Obligatory trip to McDs
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
We love French fries!

It was fun being a tourist in my own country! I would recommend everyone to visit the Philippines though, with a friend? Be vary cautious and just don’t draw attention to yourself. Maybe visit a resort and not the side streets of Manila.


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