After coming back home from the palace, I did a simple search for the “trendy” neighborhoods in Seoul and this was one that popped up. I watched a few videos and then I had a plan for Sunday.

Of course I came out of the wrong exit and then walked in the wrong direction for five minutes.
But I arrived bright and early (around 10:30)

Thinking back on it now, I arrived way too early because most of the places opened at either 11, 11:30, or 12:00 so I walked around aimlessly looking inside the shops and trying to decide where I wanted to eat.

The decor was adorable!
Broomsticks with sunglasses!?
Surprisingly there were a lot of BB gun shooting ranges.
Probably the most iconic part of this place is this shop with the umbrellas.
I’m a sucker for color gradation.
I love these bouquets! Super cute and just amazing all around.
Another cafe/restaurant that wasn’t open yet. I imagine this place would be really popular in the spring.


So for lunch, someone suggested to eat at Gyeongyangsik1920 because they were known for their pork cutlets and curry but I decided to eat at Hohosikdang instead for just plain pork cutlet. Also because I was SUPER hungry and the Gyeongyangsik1920 opened at 11:30.

This entrance is super cute right?
I didn’t have a reservation and so I had to wait outside but they gave me my own heating!


I’m totally fine going out and eating alone but here, they sat me at a three person table because it was the only one available so I immediately felt super awkward. I ordered the basic pork cutlet and it wasn’t that good… I felt even more terrible. I scarfed down my food and got out of there. I had to get dessert afterwards. I passed by this cafe when I was wandering around that I had to go in get something sweet.

How cute is this interior?

I wanted to get some of the pastries they had set up in the middle of the cafe but when I ordered, the cashier said something in Korean and shook her head and pointed to the glass case. I interpreted this as not being able to get the pastry I wanted. Instead of thinking clearly and figuring out that I had to get a tray in order to get that pastry (mini apple turnover) by myself for her to ring me up. Anyway, I figured all this out after I saw some other people come in and get trays…but they did have carrot cake and I always have to try the carrot cake. It was a bit dry, as usual with most Korean cakes that are not strawberry shortcakes. I also got a fat Madeleine and jasmine tea.

I love dessert.
This cutlery though is so cute.
If you haven’t tried these madeleines, you should.

After stuffing myself, I made my way home. I think I would come back to try a different cafe or restaurant in the spring.

Someone else suggested another neighborhood to explore, apparently it’s super hip and most of the restaurants and cafes are built inside old steel factories, so I’ll be going there next time!

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