I’m trying to get Instagram to learn about my love for art exhibits and so far it has shown me the Minions Exhibit and the Alphonse Mucha Exhibit which I will write about in the next post. The other art exhibits that IG is showing me are in faraway cities that require weekend trips so maybe I’ll end up going to them at some point. Anyway, this Minions Exhibit was exactly like I imagined and expected and it was adorable.


So of course, Minions galore. They had people dressed in Minion costumes walking around and some people attending even wore yellow to match the overall yellow theme of the place.

We already know it’s gonna be cute af

There was a video clip that we watched before actually going into the gallery. The first walkway was filled with movie art! Just walls of frames with Korean text probably explaining what each piece was. Though it’s self explanatory? I went in December of last year and my memory is terribly foggy. But! On with the show!

Who doesn’t like movie art??

This room as a replica of the girls rooms and honestly I would love to have one of the rockets/nukes as a bed….It was so cute!

Yes to these beds.

There were plenty of interactive things too like this wall. I can’t remember the point of it but the kids enjoyed it. There was another activity that was a memory game. The floor had screens and lit up in a pattern, you would need to remember the pattern and mimic it exactly to win. If you stepped on the wrong screen, it would just be a blaring red noise.

So people draw or color on the tablets and it shows up on the screen?
Even the ceiling had cute stuff too!
I don’t know how to pose.

The Instagram ad basically lied because it showed this unicorn without the divider/rope and people were posing while hugging this thing and I was slightly annoyed that I didn’t get to put my germs on it too. Maybe it was for the better.


I can’t pass up a personality quiz to match me with my own minion. Good thing this was also available in English, otherwise I would have just been pressing random buttons.

Took a quiz and got Carl!

Do you remember the last time you were in a ball pit??? I don’t except for when I went to this exhibit and immediately upon coming to this area, I went in. The static was unbelievable and honestly I just sunk but it was so much fun. Some kids were laying under the balls so it was difficult trying to get out and I wanted to step on some limbs and some heads but I don’t want to get sued so I literally dragged my feet along the floor in order to not accidentally hurt anyone.

Ball pits am I right?
Felt like a six year old in here.

This sign is fantastic and I wish it was a post card because I would’ve bought it immediately. They’ve added some traditional Korean things in the lettering. The K has what is probably part of the Seoul skyline. The O is a bowl of bibimbap. The R has a part of a traditional Korean roof. The E is of course a tree…I don’t know what tree this is. And the A has a magpie!

Honestly I love these types of things.

So this was super fun and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more interactive exhibits!

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