Delivery Food

It’s too easy to get delivery here in Korea. So easy that I’ve made different kinds of rules for myself to limit the amount of delivery I order. At one point it was only getting food delivered twice a month and at another point it was that if I didn’t want to cook, I needed to go out and eat.

However for this post, I’ve ordered delivery a few times in the past month. For research! For the pictures! For the food!

Delivery Apps

There are several different apps that people use to get delivery. There’s 요기요(Yogiyo), 배달의민족 (literally Food Delivery Service), Coupang Eats,  and Shuttle to name a few. The IMG_3106first two are completely in Korean and the last two are in English.

Yogiyo sounds like 여기요 (yeogiyo) which means ‘here’ in Korean. It’s what you yell in restaurants when you’re ready to order or need something.  I needed help setting up Yogiyo when I first arrived but now it’s easy to navigate though sometimes I still use Papago to help translate.

Coupang Eats is fairly recent and it is a part of the online shopping company Coupang which is like Amazon in the US. Since I already had an account with Coupang and it already had my address and payment info, it was easy to sign up for Coupang Eats.

Shuttle is a Seoul based delivery service and it was created because there are many foreigners in Seoul so the whole thing is in English and I think their delivery drivers are foreigners as well. I’ve never ordered from Shuttle because it’s cheaper for me to order from the other apps and I know enough Korean to be able to do it.


I mainly use Yogiyo and recently started using Coupang Eats. Basically, you put in your address, pick a restaurant, choose your food, and then pay. There are a few payment options like paying when the delivery arrives (they’ll swipe your card right then and there) or have the app save your payment information (which I just did this year because it’s less contact with people). I don’t know about these apps using cash…but the McDelivery app for McDonalds does have a cash option (and it’s also in English).

Delivery Fees

The most expensive delivery fee I’ve seen is 5,000 won ($4.15) and there’s no need to tip. The delivery fee varies by restaurant and some places offer free delivery. The restaurants will have a minimum amount in order to get delivery. The lowest I’ve seen is 5,000 won (which is super low!) and the average is 15,000 won.


The variety of food is amazing. The apps have different categories like Korean, Japanese, Western, Burgers, Chicken, and Pizza to name a few.

I haven’t had a negative experience ordering delivery but I have low expectations and I’m easy to please.

Rain or shine or snow, these drivers will deliver. I’ve almost gotten run over by deliver drivers because they will drive on the sidewalk in order to deliver the food faster!

You can get food delivered to the park, to your work, or to your hotel room. They have options now for just leaving it at your door and calling you that it’s arrived instead of riding your doorbell and handing you the food. There’s also an option to not get any cutlery to reduce the plastic waste. Nowadays especially, more and more people are ordering delivery in order to avoid crowded places. All the service workers here are wearing masks and so far there hasn’t been a case from food deliveries.

I’ve ordered delivery more than I care to admit…

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