Seoul Lantern Festival

I’ve been working on remembering and writing about my trip to Hokkaido last summer but it’s proving to be so long that I couldn’t post it last weekend (because I’m not done oops).

I found out about the Seoul Lantern Festival through an account I follow on Twitter and because of the fact that it was free, I decided to go on Friday which was the first day it started. This post will be full of pictures!

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My Apartment (then and now)

So it’s been a while (a year to be exact) and I moved to Seoul at the end of February. I realized that I never posted pictures of my first apartment so I’m combining the old apartment and the new on into one post. I never really got the chance to decorate my old apartment because I was afraid of accumulating too much stuff and when I moved to Seoul, I still had too much stuff. But less words, more pictures!

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New Daejeon-er!

I’m in my city! I’m also in my apartment but there’s no wifi because I don’t have my alien registration card yet, or a bank account, or a cell phone plan. It’s been a difficult week and it will be another difficult week. But hey, there’s always Starbucks and overpriced drinks!

I went to Expo Bridge because that’s one of the most iconic images when you google Daejeon. I went with a friend, we actually trained together in Seoul and we’ve been doing practically everything together ever since. I figured out how to take the bus and that was an experience. It’s true what they say about the drivers and their driving and how crazy it is. We missed our stopped but enjoyed the walk to get to the bridge so it was all good.

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How to Get Around

If you put your mind to it, it’s really easy to get around in the Philippines. You don’t need a car (but sometimes it would be nice to have one). There are plenty of ways to get around (mainly four to five here in Zambales, but it is similar all over Luzon).


The smallest vehicle, the tricycle, is mainly used for shorter distances within the villages and the towns. Not particularly fast but virtually no stops. The tricycle is a motorcycle (or now scooters) with an attached, modified side car. Depending on which part of Luzon you to go, the shapes of these vary and it’s actually quite interesting. The ones in Manila are larger and more boxy and I wish that the ones here in Zambales would catch on.



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Time for Tea

I love tea. I didn’t always like tea but the more I have, the more I like it. Coffee is okay. (Gasp!).

There is this cute little tea place in Escondido (in North County San Diego) called The Grand Tea Room. The only reason why I know about this place is because I was invited to a bridal shower that was held here.


That was over a year ago and I left with a Passion Fruit Oolong Tea. I haven’t gone back since. I only went back because I ran out of that tea and my sister loved it so we went again for my mom’s birthday and I was able to take some pictures.

The Grand Tea Room is a traditional English tea time experience. You get tea, there’s soups and salads, an array of sandwiches, and pastries. The tea is served hot with a side of milk and sugar cubes. There are a few different options on their menu and we chose to do an Afternoon Tea–The Grand Tea to be exact and it includes everything pictured below any tea you like. There is a two hour limit but that’s plenty of time! Food can be served a la cart as well.

Flowery tea set anyone?
Fruit with whipped cream~
Tomato soup (some days might have more options)
Various sandwiches! Egg salad, chicken salad, and cucumber
Mini Shepherd’s Pie and a Scone
Here’s the fam! They have hats that you can borrow for the duration of your tea!

I definitely recommend trying this place out at least once if you’re ever in North County. The tea selection is amazing and the prices are very reasonable for loose leaf teas.

La Jolla Muraling

Do I have a bucket list for San Diego, California? Yes. Well, sort of. It’s all in my head and things get added when I see something interesting on Pinterest/Yelp/some list on Thrillist or Buzzfeed. But since I never write anything down, I haven’t been able to keep track of what’s on the list.

For my birthday I went to La Jolla with a friend. My actual purpose for going was to get a good full body picture of me for my applications to teach abroad. I know, right? La Jolla just for a full body picture? But they have great murals! And I wanted to show my “fun” side by having my picture be in front of a fun mural. But the way, the full body pictures were…okay. Not my friend’s fault but mine for not being specific enough and also not having a step stool so that the pictures would be taken at a higher angle.

My favorite mural is ‘One Pointed Attention’ by Kelsey Brooks.

Makes for a great IG profile pic, right?

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