I’m trying to get Instagram to learn about my love for art exhibits and so far it has shown me the Minions Exhibit and the Alphonse Mucha Exhibit which I will write about in the next post. The other art exhibits that IG is showing me are in faraway cities that require weekend trips so maybe I’ll end up going to them at some point. Anyway, this Minions Exhibit was exactly like I imagined and expected and it was adorable.

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the risk it took to blossom

I can’t even begin to talk about how overwhelming it is to move to another country and I haven’t even moved into my apartment yet. My knowledge of the Korean language is only Hello and Thank you. However, I do know how to read Hangul so that’s been a big help even if I can’t understand what I’m reading most of the time.

In order for me to compartmentalize the many emotions I’m feeling I’ve made a list (yes another one!) of things that I want to accomplish in terms of me growing as a person. The one fear I have is completely shutting down and not interacting with anyone at all…followed by only interacting with foreigners, while that is a nice safety net, I want to interact and make friends with the people who actually live here.

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HK Night Skyline
I know it’s not South Korea, but I don’t have very many pictures from my 12 hour layover. PS, this is my favorite skyline.

In three days, I will be flying to Seoul where I will be spending a week training. Then if all goes well, and all will go well, I will be on a bus to Daejeon! This post will eventually become another page here on the blog–which will be updated periodically once I get my hands on a travel guide. I will add even more once I start planning on going to other countries. But for now, here’s a list of things for me to do and see in Daejeon. I won’t put a list of things to eat because I want to eat everything.

Wikipedia says Daejeon is the fifth largest city in Korea with a population of over 1.5 million. It’s about an hour south of Seoul via the KTX (Korea Train Express, high speed train). Comparing it to San Diego, it’s half the size with about the same amount of people. Yep. It’s also a tech hub and is basically the Silicon Valley of Korea. With that said, here’s my list!

  • Mt. Expo Park
  • Museums (Museum of Art, National Science Museum, Currency Museum)
  • Observatory
  • Yuseong Hot Springs
  • O-World
  • Hiking! (Mt. Bomunsan, Mt. Gubongsan, Mt. Jangtaesan, Mt. Gyejoksan, Mt. Sikjangsan, Gyeryongsan National Park, Uam Historical Park)

Of course I’ll be walking everywhere and eating a bunch of food and shopping, but I will pace myself and I will be posting about my adventures here so stay tuned!


Hello from the Philippines

Hi! I live on a farm and we’ve been slow to get broadband/wifi and uploading pictures is a pain. I did have posts planned for 10-12 weeks but uh, yeah. I’ll edit my planned posts and I’ll try to take more pictures so that I actually have content but it’s been a month and I’m just chilling like I said I would.

I’m currently in Manila getting my visa processed! Oh! So, I got hired yay! Though my hiring is contingent upon passing the one week training period and I will pass. I will pass as an outgoing, bright, loud, engaging person. Fake it till you make it!

Here’s an orchid. IMG_3782.JPG

Plan B.

I had grand plans. Don’t we all have grand plans? But guess what, grand plans change. For better or for worse. It’s totally fine, I’m not complaining. So let me lay it all out.

I wanted to be in South Korea this October/November to teach English. I was on track, I will have all of my documents ready next week in order to get a visa for a job that I haven’t even interviewed for. So I contacted recruiters (three of them) and one immediately suggested a school while the others said, “The hiring season is over, it will be difficult to place you in October but we would love to help you for the February hiring season.”

Myeong-dong Street in the winter. More shopping than you can ever imagine. And this is just one of many shopping streets.

Okay, but first, let me explain why I want to leave in October. I am very tired of working at my job. It’s not my job’s fault, it’s no one’s fault. It’s time for a change. And that change could not come any sooner. Unfortunately, the school that the one recruiter offered did not accept my application which is totally fine because I like Plan B better anyway.

Now, Plan B. Plan B is a little risky, but also something I didn’t know I needed until I came up with it. Plan B is I move out of my house, send all of my stuff to the Philippines and spend around three months in the Philippines. Just being. (Being meaning a long vacation of doing nothing productive like watching tv/movies, reading a bunch of books, learning Korean, and trying yoga). And maybe volunteering to teach English online…or at my old school??? More experience?? Not exactly a vegetable??

This is home. It doesn’t look like much but I was raised here. And I won’t have to pay rent!

Then from the Philippines, I will fly straight to Korea and start working. Well, maybe arriving a few weeks early and take actual Korean lessons and maybe going to the winter olympics?? Maybe.

This is risky because I won’t be working for three to four months and that’s not going to be great because I’ll be poor, but in exchange, I will hopefully be refreshed and be in a completely different (and better) mental state than I am now. I can’t ask for a better plan because I don’t want to bring all of this (as I gesture to my whole self) to my future students.

Oh look, they have love locks in Korea too. This is at Namsan Tower in Seoul.

This is the new plan. I hope it works. There are some kinks but I’ll talk about that in the future “Document Gathering/How to apply to teach English in SK” post. Assuming that it all goes well and I get hired. Oh my gosh, please let me get hired.

In the meantime, I will be a tourist in San Diego and try to visit as many places as I can while also being as frugal as I can. One of the places I checked out on my birthday was the murals in La Jolla! That I will write about next time!