I was tired of being in Seoul and even though the virus hasn’t completely been eradicated (averaging around 50-60 per day now), I wanted to explore. There was a sale on day trips through one of the travel sites and I bought all three trips. It was 19$ per trip and it included transportation, lunch, a “cooking” class, and visits to 2-3 different historical sites. What a deal! All three trips highlight parts of the Baekje Kingdom which was one of the three kingdoms in Korea which lasted from approximately 57 BCE to 668 ACE (according to Wikipedia). The Baekje Kingdom was in what is now the southwestern region of Korea, keeping in mind that Korea used to be bigger than just the peninsula it is now.

This first trip was to Iksan, which is approximately 2 hours south of Seoul.

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So I searched “neighborhoods to visit in Seoul” and this was another one that caught my eye (the previous one being Ikseondong). But Vera, why do both of those places have ‘dong’ in their names, you ask. Well, let me explain after I do a quick google search to reconfirm what I already know but can’t properly write down.

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Delivery Food

It’s too easy to get delivery here in Korea. So easy that I’ve made different kinds of rules for myself to limit the amount of delivery I order. At one point it was only getting food delivered twice a month and at another point it was that if I didn’t want to cook, I needed to go out and eat.

However for this post, I’ve ordered delivery a few times in the past month. For research! For the pictures! For the food!

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Seoul Lantern Festival

I’ve been working on remembering and writing about my trip to Hokkaido last summer but it’s proving to be so long that I couldn’t post it last weekend (because I’m not done oops).

I found out about the Seoul Lantern Festival through an account I follow on Twitter and because of the fact that it was free, I decided to go on Friday which was the first day it started. This post will be full of pictures!

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My Apartment (then and now)

So it’s been a while (a year to be exact) and I moved to Seoul at the end of February. I realized that I never posted pictures of my first apartment so I’m combining the old apartment and the new on into one post. I never really got the chance to decorate my old apartment because I was afraid of accumulating too much stuff and when I moved to Seoul, I still had too much stuff. But less words, more pictures!

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