Gyeongbokgung Palace

So, it was Lunar New Year and I couldn’t just spend it alone at home watching Netflix. Why not spend it alone at one of the largest ancient palaces in Seoul? Empty subway cars are one of my favorite things about staying in Seoul during a holiday. I was able to sit down! Of course the palace itself was packed since many other foreigners (and Koreans) had the same idea as me.

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Summer Vacay

Summer in Seoul was dreadful. It was hot and sticky and I was sweating nonstop. This made me not want to leave the haven of my apartment where I had the AC on all day.  But alas, it was summer vacation and I had one week to try to do something. Emphasis on try because leaving my apartment was torture.

I managed to go Incheon for a day. The train ride is a little over an hour and you bet I found all the air vents in the subway stations while waiting for it to come. I had the misfortune of sitting between three older people who had horrible breath and were constantly talking to each other and I moved to different car to escape from them.

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the risk it took to blossom

I can’t even begin to talk about how overwhelming it is to move to another country and I haven’t even moved into my apartment yet. My knowledge of the Korean language is only Hello and Thank you. However, I do know how to read Hangul so that’s been a big help even if I can’t understand what I’m reading most of the time.

In order for me to compartmentalize the many emotions I’m feeling I’ve made a list (yes another one!) of things that I want to accomplish in terms of me growing as a person. The one fear I have is completely shutting down and not interacting with anyone at all…followed by only interacting with foreigners, while that is a nice safety net, I want to interact and make friends with the people who actually live here.

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La Jolla Muraling

Do I have a bucket list for San Diego, California? Yes. Well, sort of. It’s all in my head and things get added when I see something interesting on Pinterest/Yelp/some list on Thrillist or Buzzfeed. But since I never write anything down, I haven’t been able to keep track of what’s on the list.

For my birthday I went to La Jolla with a friend. My actual purpose for going was to get a good full body picture of me for my applications to teach abroad. I know, right? La Jolla just for a full body picture? But they have great murals! And I wanted to show my “fun” side by having my picture be in front of a fun mural. But the way, the full body pictures were…okay. Not my friend’s fault but mine for not being specific enough and also not having a step stool so that the pictures would be taken at a higher angle.

My favorite mural is ‘One Pointed Attention’ by Kelsey Brooks.

Makes for a great IG profile pic, right?

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